If you believe in the external world

Questions and Answers

If you believe in the external world as something objective and real, then you are lost and destined to fail in whatever you do.  Anything coming from “out there” can only help you to recognise in yourself the true source of all your troubles, limitations and misery.  Therefore let all other incidents, circumstances, events and relations with others, fall in place within yourself where such trash can be transformed into a new substance, new energy, new life.

Expand your vision until your whole body with every organ,

muscle, fibre and cell down to the very last atom,

is overwhelmed by the light of your dream.

When dreaming is set in motion all this things are possible.  Your dreaming contains all the scientific principles for the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Q: My dream is to become rich, how can I?

Elio: This is impossible to achieve because you cannot become what you already are.  What you have to do is to get free of all that which impedes your inner prosperity to manifest.  Quality creates quantity.  The level of your inner freedom determines your financial fortune.  If you want to be rich you have to hold all your attention where the only freedom in the universe comes from: your inner being ….the quality of your being makes you rich.