I dreamed of a school

that teaches that the Dream is the most real thing there is


I dreamed of a school that teaches that the Dream is the most real thing there is, that economy is the Art of Dreaming and that only an Individual Revolution will be able to turn poverty into prosperity, adversity into opportunity and fear into love.

You will learn all disciplines because only if you go through all of them you can realize that there is no need for discipline. The Real School of Being is against all disciplines and all forms of education imposed from outside.

All the knowledge, theories and methods from outside can be starting points needed, but should be soon abandoned for a higher source of understanding.

It’s time to ignore all teachings, ideologies and disciplines, all books, all your ideas and the ones of others, any word spoken or written, and finally plunge into the depths of Being to find what has always belonged to you, the true source of each discipline: the Will

It is a new concept that overturns misleading and outdated descriptions.

Your meeting with the Dreamer will be a shock, a fracture that will make room for the new.

The Dreamer brought you a very powerful technology that transcends all scientific revolutions of man: the world is the one that you create in this very Instant, in the absence of time.

This single principle, if implemented, can stop all the misery and pain. In a world in which all revolutions have failed and the many attempts to change the violent nature of man and reactive proved to be useless, this new concept seems to be the only one that can change the past and the future, the story and the fate of the world.

When you get rid of all violence, inner conflict and misery, all crimes, revolutions and wars miraculously disappear from the Earth. The way in is the way out!

You cannot change the world without changing yourself. And when you’re able to do it you will realize that it is not possible or necessary to change others.

The greatest revolution is your change. It is easier to climb a mountain than to change a single thought, the smallest emotion, or change a single atom of your body.