Having is Being

meeting with the ESE students, Florence

To have does not only differ from being

The discovery that to have and to be are the two sides of the same reality is a subversion of man’s mental schemes, a true and real evolution of his mind that has been up till now founded on the conviction that to have does not only differ from being but it is also its source.

We are used to saying and believing that ‘if I had more money and the necessary means I could accomplish this or that and I would become rich, happy or respected etc’.

This is how the world reason and to have, to do and to be is the dominant paradigm, the epitome of man’s mythology.

Having and being are one single reality but positioned at different levels of our existence.

Having is being objectified, it is the invisible manifested in time and space.

Being is having sublimed, it is the visible transcended and brought to a superior order.

This discovery opens the door to a huge revolution of the perception of the world; it is one of those shock provoking ideas, capable of modifying the course of an entire civilization. A revolutionary idea, a turnaround of man’s ideologies that first through an individual then passed onto the masses has always preceded in every moment of man’s history.

The heliocentric idea changed the order of the medieval way of thinking moving man from the centre to the margins of the universe and unfolded the modern age; Calvinism radically modified the vision of work from a biblical condemnation to an instrument of evolution of man which brought the psychological conditions for the industrial revolution and rational capitalism.

Today we find ourselves in front of a new revolution, a psychological one based on the notion that to be and to have are the two sides of the same reality. This truth has always eluded the comprehension of mediocre men. For this reason to be is in absence of time whilst to have manifests itself in time and space. In reality to be and to have are only illusionary divided by the time factor that acts as a shock absorbe or as a curtain that prevents such a strong vision and such an extraordinary comprehension to men that have not been prepared.