Full time Dreamers

Ours is a task of aspiration

we must inspire others to approach closer to the “dream” and the “dreamer” in us….


Like the bee which collects pollen and distributes it to other flowers in order to fertilise them, so we, when we encounter others, must distribute the pollen of the “dream,” spread this precious essence, to spread the riches, to perpetuate the dreaming. Giving is self-giving. But in order to give we must have, and to do this we must dedicate at least as much time to ourselves as we dedicate to others and the external world… otherwise we leave ourselves without the “precious essence.”

Others are ourselves.

You can try to hide, but you can’t escape it…

Victory is up to you, so defeat is only internal.

Others are time…are the process of ageing….. It is necessary to limit working hours (external, ordinary) and achieve the intelligence that one must balance internal and external time. Spend as much time with yourself as you do with others. We must learn how to save time from time and dedicate it to observing ourselves, studying ourselves, knowing ourselves…

Schools and universities must teach the elevation of being in order to lead the person to re-imagine, to lead the person to re-visualise, to lead the person to reshape himself.


People don’t dedicate time to themselves;
they are always away from home, not dreaming!
You do not dream…
You are always in the dream, in the creation.

Well-being to you is being with other people, in the midst of people, in their shadow, being in the outside world in order to feed your egos… For many young people, to spend time alone is unbearable. They search for the certainty of the outside world, they try to find it in the eyes of others. This is because they don’t love themselves.

This inability to love themselves leads to a kind of internal self-destruction, that may come about in various guises, through self-harm…drugs, alcohol, harmful attitudes and habits.. provoking apparently unpredictable and involuntary accidents… like the road accidents that happen after leaving the nightclub. The incapacity to be alone, the need for others… to lie and to hide…are the unconscious symptoms of a self-destructive inclination.

The individual revolution may arrive only in the “dream.” The dream proceeds in the opposite direction, like a movie on replay that revolves the events on the tape of time.  The dreamer possesses the secret of return, of reabsorbing because his method is dreaming.