Focus on now

If you focus on the Now,

time will no longer be linear but simultaneous

past, present and future will co-exist

In this frame of conscious awareness you create the New World — new types of light-based technologies, new ways of communication, new forms of community-living, new systems of government, new resources, new economy, new financial and educational systems. And all overwhelmed by joy, equality, harmony and beauty.

Evolution of man means the development of certain inner qualities.

To do that we need a new education particularly addressed to the individual.

Conventional education makes independent thinking extremely difficult.

Physical Immortality is the hidden purpose of all religions, all phylosophies, all therapies. It is the aim of all arts, yogas, sports and holistic health techniques. It is the goal of education, of medicine, science and technology.

Can you observe non-fragmentarily, but totally, on the Instant?

You have been conditioned to look at yourself and the world fragmentarily, as a Christian, a Communist, a Hindu, so you cannot possibly take a total view. Your chief concern then is to be free of this culture, this education, this past – to wipe away all the falseness of a description.


Thought cannot measure depth or height, but only on its own level. All your Life and education is based on indifference, insensitivity, callousness. It is used to measure, construct, fight and organise. Your philosophy is intellectual, verbal, logical, superficial, and it does not touch you deeply, and somehow the ‘fire within’ doesn’ t get lit. You believe to be the result of the culture in which you live, and that is the trap. Thought cannot possibly light the flame that changes you.

We need a new education done by groups of enlightened individuals

who can be totally responsible for the quality of human Life on the planet.


If you believe that Physical Immortality is possible, then, my books are for you. 

As a leader, it is neither knowledge nor education, wealth nor social standing that can pave your way to success but rather your own Self-knowledge and Integrity — the results of an inner, creative victory that will make yourself and the entire world free from any external attack or failure.

The goal of every school and educational system should be to discipline everyone into self-mastery.

The Dreamer uses the games of Life to raise your intelligence and aliveness. He uses religions, politics, T.V and movies, yoga, educational systems, communication and media and all kinds of business and trade.

The Dreamer uses all human and natural disasters and whatever you think coming from the world outside, for the purpose of awakening you.

The first move on the path towards Integrity is to escape the tyranny of the first attention — the description of the world, the boundaries of the first education.

The magical transformation changes you from a reactive object in the world of appearance to a proactive Being in the world of power — an ever strengthening link with your inner resources.