During fasting the loss of tissues

is inversely proportional to their utility.


Useless and noxious tissues get auto-digested and disappear, while the useful ones stay untouched.

The blood, purified by the dis-intoxication, can feed the brain better giving it more clarity and perspicacity.

Eyes get stronger.

The sense of touch gets sharper.

The sense of hearing heals completely.

Fasting forces the intestines to rest.

The derived constipation is not an illness.

He who fasts is strong even if he feels weak.

With fasting the body recreates the order disturbed by unhealthy habits.

Fasting is a man’s oldest and best healing method — the most efficient mean of correcting any disease.

Man is a fallen being.

The presence of a doctor of a healer is by itself an anomaly.

The illness itself gives health back.

Stopping it’s flow means preventing healing. Healing it’s act of will and no prayer nor worship can substitute it. The Bible calls ‘faith’ the power of will.

It is the illness itself that heals.

It feels, protects, teaches, expiates, purifies, removes, raises, humiliates, straightens, reforms,

makes us more aware and intelligent.