Economics of Immortality


The new economics of the coming decades

Until now all economic systems have dealt with survival, with people’s basic needs: food, shelter, clothing and reproduction. The economics of Neanderthals and the economics of a modern complex society are essentially the same.

The new economics of the coming decades
deals not anymore with survival or to keep people alive for a few decades,
but with immortality

New technologies and resources aim at the indefinite extension of each human life. This is the beginning of a twenty-first-century Economics of Immortality.

All existing ideologies of left and right are outdated and obsolete. Powerful forces coming from the individual and not from the mass are steadily rescripting the fundamentals of life. You as an individual are called to create, through your dream, a new humanity and redesign within yourself a new economics and a brand new epoch.

If you want to change something in your life you have to face the titanic task of abandoning your inner suffering and realise that you yourself are the only cause of all your troubles and difficulties. To do that you have to isolate yourself internally and not let the outer events crush you: practice non-identifying and self-awareness in all moments and circumstances.

Remember! Your role in life, whatever it is, is perfectly mirroring your inner conditions and mercilessly revealing your level of understanding. If you realise this, your inner responsibility and freedom will expand and with them, your ‘power of doing’.