I am You

Think about what the Dreamer has brought us: the elimination of every war, conflict, illness, poverty failure… perpetual victory, success… prosperity without limits… the elimination of death, of illness, of poverty…

Q. But the world, as we see and touch it, continues to be ravaged by the same ills…  Are there  two realities? The Dreamer’s reality and everyone else’s?

A. No, there is only that of the Dreamer. Your vision, that which is still perpetuated by conflicts and disasters, is false… Cast off all ignorance and darkness, integrate yourself, become a unity. It is your vision that needs some adjustment and not the world. I brought you the most revolutionary technology, a personal and universal technology. Internet and the most advanced products of modern science are flint and clubs in the hands of cavemen compared to it.


Follow the principles of the Dreamer and you will see governments and nations fall, you will see ideologies, philosophies and religions, knowledge, fantasies and prophesies and all that in which man has believed until today, all swept away. Have you ever imagined humanity without hunger and without anger, a humanity which lives for the sake of beauty and not for need? A world without starving children, without wars, without disease, without poverty? A world dedicated to its own conscious awakening and harmony? But humanity is not ready to live in a world without wars, conflicts and divisions… a world without antagonism, without time, without death.

Q. And in that case it will take a long time to realise this dream…

A. No. This revolution cannot happen in time, but in the complete absence of time, in a vertical time. There is no evolution in time. In linear time humanity can only repeat itself and its history of conflicts and crime. Between a man from the stone age and a modern man there is no difference. Millions of years have passed if we want to believe in time, without anything having happened.

Only in the absence of time does the Antagonist disappear and with him every conflict. But how could you live without the Antagonist? The Antagonist gives you a role, a job and even a name, a family, a purpose in life…

You have made great efforts to climb the mountain of your apparent difficulties to overcome the Antagonist only to find that he never relly existed if not within you.  When his projected image vanishes you should not feel at a loss before a blank screen, but dive deeper within to embrace the new heaven and new earth you have only just discovered.

The Dreamer