From the Book ‘The School of Sand’

Crossing the desert requires a technique

It is like crossing the waters,

it is a rising (of being)…

It is a vertical step that only few can foresee.

From that height, everything becomes simple, everything gains significance, things fall into the right place and the game is perfect.

But beware of ‘identification’, of not remembering!   Identification means forgetting,  and losing the the full authorship of a dreamer, to annul yourself in the created, to become the dreamed, cheated by your own creations, prisoner of the shadows and at the mercy of events.

The promised land is not a place to reach, but rather a metaphor for the journey towards harmony.

In Closing an excerpt from my new book – the Kingdom of Now it’s called:  The School of Sand.  The main character, after nearly losing his life in his challenge to cross the desert, in a  stupor of regret and bitterness for the journey undertaken, finds himself in a tent on the edge of the desert – face to face with a magical androgynous being .

I heard him add “The only real thing  you’ve had from life is the desert.

“No, its not true!”  I rebelled. I don’t know if I shouted, but my voice resounded inside  in an echo which was then faded into my furthermost recesses.

I wanted to believe that my family, our children and all that describes my life are the ‘real things’, and that the thought of returning to them had supported me to overcome that immense ocean of sand.  But deep down, even I know that this is not so.

“The abandoning of fear is the first step towards integrity, towards the unity of being.” the phrases of the Dreamer punctuated that incredible conversations.  “Nothing is constructed and no intelligence can be added to fear.  The absence of fear is the first law of the warrior.  Fear makes you depend on a job and compels you to seek refuge in sickness and affliction as you already have in the past.”  

In the last days nothing else existed, it was the desert and I.

I know that before arriving in that camp on the edge of the desert I was already safe.  Every division had fallen, every debt paid to the last cent.  I had become a creature of that world.  Only then did those tents appear on the horizon.

There is no war more holy than ‘to win oneself,

there is no victory greater than overcoming one’s own limits. 

Integrity is a healing of being. 

It requires an overturning of age-old convictions,

a transformation of negative emotions and destructive thoughts.

The achievement of a mastery oneself, of the body – over hunger, sleep and breathing