Changing the Impossible

Excerpt from the next book

‘No war within, no war without’

The Work is in your heart, in your efforts to understand

One day  we discussed the problems facing the modern world.  He said that overpopulation was the biggest problem of this century, and that not even war and natural disasters wouldn’t solve the problem, only postpone it.  “You must take responsibility for your productive powers and teach humanity to do it also.”  He said.

“ Everything a man does in the world is unreal and useless because he is not doing it from himself. “Doing” means to have a Will. “Doing” means making decisions. “Doing” means Integrity. Man, as he is, cannot “do” unless he overcomes, through enormous efforts, his own inner violence. Man cannot “do” unless he understands that all the external phenomena are none other than the dramatic result of his own inner states and attitudes”.  Then He paused, reflecting on the earthquake we had just experienced.

“In an external disaster only those who refuse to understand will be destroyed. Your inner states and attitudes determine whether the great cycles of nature are going to kill you or take you to a new dimension – to a higher level of understanding where all human horrors: diseases, wars, poverty  and death, will cease to exist.” 

 I asked Him what would become of our little group… how could I continue in the Work we had begun.

What would become of those few who met together in the Naples storefront?

He told me that who wanted to follow would find us, and that there would be newcomers… many. I felt a slight remorse at the thought of not having insisted with my colleagues- of not having told them or explained well enough the principles of the Work and the importance of leaving our city.

In life you have to be strong enough to maintain present the Work in all situations, because here there are no temples, no churches, no rituals that can come to your rescue, but only rules that change all the time.  Nothing you could have said or done would change the lives or the destiny of those men.   The Work is not a place that you can see or touch. The Work is in your heart, in your efforts to understand. The Work is not in not in space, not even in time. It is in something that you cannot yet understand: Timelessness.”

One day, He would approach me, climbing away from the teak lawn chairs on the gently sloping grass on the East lawn of His villa in Tuscany saying , “ I had a Dream…”   I would glance over His shoulder at the overstuffed white cushions in the distance from whence He came, and they would seem to be illuminated from within despite the hot August sun. “I dreamed that the blades of grass are the new – the seas of individuals who will now arrive…”  And smiling radiantly, He would touch my shoulder in a kingly  gesture, seeming to pass to me in that moment, and forever the responsibility of the entire world.  The Dreamer rarely revealed His dreams, and this one has never been recounted.

 Let’s change the dreamed. Let’s change the mirrored. Let’s change the events, the others, the world. Let’s change the past. Let’s change destiny. Let’s change the impossible, the invincible, the inevitable. Let’s change the very cause of all troubles and difficulties: the unchangeable You.