Change your vision, raise it!


freedom from any addiction

Look at the world with a  new awareness

If your vision narrows, if your level of being lowers, then the external world, which you call reality, becomes like a mountain towering over you, until you are lost in its shadow.

Change your vision, raise it! Look at the world with a  new awareness

and the entire universe will become as tiny as a grain of sand.

There is no help coming from anywhere at all.  Outside you, there’s no force, whether it be known or unknown, visible or invisible that can influence your destiny. You are by yourself surrounded by wonder and infinity.

It has to be done, especially when you feel at a loss, when you are under the most difficult conditions, when existence grips you in a vice so you cannot breathe.  That is your great opportunity to win death!  Do not expect! Do not react! Do not identify with the world around you! Live in a state of powerful silence and stillness – a state of complete suspension.


Identifying with the world seals you in the prison of time, in an infernal circle where you are prey to your negative emotions. But when you realize that there is nothing to fear, fear itself disappears and freedom takes the upper hand.

The inferno starts crumbling, flaking away layer by layer, and you begin to feel alive.