Change the Past

Physical energy and Power of Doing

You cannot change the past

if you don’t understand that it is this present

which gives form to the past.


If you don’t apply the ideas of the Work to your being and your Life,

the whole level of the Work will drop to zero.

The Work has to touch you inside.

The Work has to become emotional.

Whatever you attain in this instant is simultaneously transferred in all directions. If the present is made perfect, everything in your past will be aligned with this perfection. Each event of the past is just a resonance of the vibrations that your body is sending right Now.

In Now there is none other space than Yes.

The World outside is the instantaneous reflection of a Yes-attitude.

Remember! If you believe in the external world as something real, then you are lost and destined to fail in whatever you do. Anything coming from “out there” can only help you to recognise in yourself the true source of all your troubles, limitations and misery. Therefore, let all outer incidents, circumstances, events and relations with others, fall in a place within yourself where such trash can be transformed into a new substance, new energy, new Life.

Remember! Don’t worry about money. Worry about yourself, about your Integrity. When money is needed, it will be right there. Trust yourself, trust your dream and you will have all the money necessary to match a beautiful Life.
The masterpiece of your very dreaming is… You. The outer world is only a faded shadow of your inner creativity, a very pale manifestation of your uniqueness.

“If you bet on yourself Life will bet on you.”

Remember! If you have nothing that at present satisfies you, it is because of the state of your Being. You will never get what you want as long as your Being remains as It is. You have to change yourself to get new understanding, new meaning, new Life, and consequently attract events of a higher order. Changing yourself means, first of all, “getting rid of yourself”. In order to be born “at a higher level” you have to die “at a lower one”.