Questions and Answers


Business as a School of being


Q. Do memory, experience, culture, knowledge, tradition or anything belonging to the past, bring to me understanding?

Elio. Understanding, clarity, integrity, freshness, and newness belong to the Present — to Timelessness.  And the past can never be an aid to understand the present.

You have to realise that you are gods in human form and therefore you can create health, peace, prosperity and happiness in the same way you created disasters, suffering and death.

When you are in the Now state of Being

you have the power to unify and harmoniously change the course of history.

You are the main Cause of all and everything!

Remember this, and there will be no other discipline to follow.

All will come by itself – the desire to let go, to be alone, to go within, to feel whole, to know yourself and to master yourself…. You will finally cease making efforts, and cease searching for miracles, to have visions and trances, hear voices, meet gods and angels, ghosts and aliens, worship idols and converse with them…. You will find yourself desiring and knowing less and less until you know nothing and want nothing…..

But don’ t feel disappointed! By not knowing, you will ‘know’ and receive much more than you can ever desire. By not knowing, you will realize that all knowledge is mere ignorance.


Any knowledge coming from the ‘outside’ is false.

And only self-knowledge is real knowledge.

Don’ t stop dreaming! Reality is made of your dream. It’s your dreaming substance that gives Life to the world. If you stop dreaming the world dies, It is as simple as that….Poverty, crime and war come from a society that has stopped dreaming. Entire civilizations, races, empires, countries and peoples have disappeared from the face of the Earth for having forgotten the real reason of their existence.


Apply the principles of the School

and remember that Business is a School of Being.

Only through the work of a School can one find the key to the source of his own creativity and power of doing. Only in a School of Being can a man learn that the ‘harmonizing’ opposites within himself is the only way to rise above them to a new order and a New World.

What can save the world today,
if we believe there is a world ‘out there’ to save,
is the forging of these new men in Schools and universities of Being.
Here is the bright future of man…
Here is the great discovery from a flat,
finite world to a round spinning globe….
Here is the transition
from an ordinary man who sees the horizon and is menaced by it,
and a vertical man who looks inward to rise above himself .
Here, on the edge,
is the Brave New World.