Business as a School of Being

In the next future, industries and corporate enterprises should teach the Art of Dreaming

ESE Graduation Day Florence

The principles of self-improvement and inner integrity to enable their people, managers and employees, to become advanced beings. The world of business has to realize that real, financial expansion comes out of quality, and declines rapidly when quality is missing.

Q. Do memory, experience, culture, knowledge, tradition or anything belonging to the past, bring you understanding?

A. Understanding, clarity, integrity, freshness, and newness belong to the Present — to Timelessness.  And the past can never be an aid to understand the present. Remember! Any knowledge coming from the’outside’ is false. And only self-knowledge is real knowledge. 

Q. How can I acquire self – knowledge?

A. Don’ t stop dreaming! Reality is made of your dream. It’s your dreaming substance that gives Life to the world. If you stop dreaming the world dies, It is as simple as that….Poverty, crime and war come from a society that has stopped dreaming. Entire civilizations, races, empires, countries and peoples have disappeared from the face of the Earth for having forgotten the real reason of their existence.

What is your deep, major interest in Life?  Is it acquiring money, prestige, security?  Then you must see that the consequences of such interests are instead worry, fear, uncertainty and misery.

ESE has the ‘dream’ of a happy and free humanity, of a truly rich economy. It is not the resources of the planet that are limited, but humanity itself – its limited vision and incomplete psychology keep it from extending wellbeing to every individual, organization, culture and civilization ..

In order to eliminate war and terrorism from Earth you need to eliminate the very cause of their existence: your inner conflicts. You have to realise that you are gods in human form and therefore you can create health, peace, prosperity and happiness in the same way you created disasters, suffering and death.

You are the main Cause of all and everything!’ Remember this, and there will be no other discipline to follow. All will come by itself. But don’ t feel disappointed! By not knowing, you will ‘know’ and receive much more than you can ever desire. By not knowing, you will realize that all knowledge is mere ignorance.

Dream! Apply the principles of the School and remember that Business is a School of Being.