Being and Having,

two aspect of the same reality

There is no help coming from anywhere at all, but yourself

Make your own individual revolution

If, until the third millennium threshold, the dominant thought in the prevailing conception of our whole civilization has been “to have in order to do and therefore to be”, it is time to turn it upside down and to take part in the revolution.

A Man, a country, a civilization, have the ability to do and to own only what they have already achieved in their Being. Events and circumstances in their history and all that they encounter, whether good or bad, has a perfect correspondence to their level of Being, to the breadths of their ideas, to the profoundness of their values.

In nature, as well as in economics, every recovery, solution, healing or salvation proceeds from the inside to the outside, from the invisible to the visible, from being to having.

“There is no help coming from anywhere at all, but yourself. You have to make your own individual revolution which is purely based upon you.”