Act your role in life


Questions and Answers

Q. How can you be free of ‘time’, and yet still function in the world of events? How can you go beyond time and live at the same time in a culture which is based on thought, knowledge, experience and technological achievement?

Elio. Stop believing in the external as something real and act your role in life as a great actor does on the stage. You have to ceaselessly enquire into the immeasurable and learn how to master stillness and silence while you act impeccably your role in life as an ordinary human being.
Life, as it appears to you, is a theatre of madness, and only if you know the Art of Acting you will survive its apparent hostility, unfairness, violence and injustice — that is: you have to learn how to act insanity externally, remaining whole and alive within.

We all do violence to one another by not being able to act.
Acting is the most practical way to overcome all difficulties.
Acting is the power of Will in action.
Acting is the inner acceptance of the fact that the world is nothing else but you.
“Act to be perfect and you will only know perfection.”