Acting is Surrender


Acting is the act of a Warrior

Acting gives you the opportunity to pass unobserved

through the gates of the Garden of Eden

and to escape the destiny of a victim – cast out with the first bite of the forbidden fruit  

In acting, you can be anyone or anything from the king to the peasant,

yet always the king inside.

Conscious acting is more real than the reality itself you have been taught to believe. For a warrior there is nothing more glorious than a battle which arrives unexpectedly opening for him the gates of heaven.

A warrior faces the battle of Life remaining untouched in happiness and pain, gain and loss, in victory and defeat.

The Believing of an ordinary man is identification, losing himself  – it makes no difference whether to an object or to God.  Believing without believing requires the qualities of an impeccable actor – only a free man can remain free in a world that ‘requires’ his identification.

Be free inside!

Recite your role in life like a great actor on stage – always.  

This is believing without believing, 

this is the Technology of the Dreamer.