A Student Of Inner Alchemy

tho others are not alien

Be a king and the kingdom will come


You are the richest and most powerful Being on Earth… but you don’t know it. This ‘not knowing’ makes you miserable, unhappy ….and mortal.  You’re the freest Being in the Universe…but you don’t know it. This makes you the most fragile creature on Earth.

Your level of freedom and happiness, and your wealth as well, depend on your level of consciousness and Integrity and yet your whole Life is dedicated to demonstrate  to yourself the opposite — that everything is an effect of the world, that fault lies on outer circumstances.

Living in Luxury is a state of being that needs to be created from within.

Whatever the role you find yourself in, try to remember that you are the author and creator of everything.

This awareness makes you rich, happy and free.

Whatever obscures this awareness, makes you the most miserable Being on Earth.

You alone are the obstacle to this freedom, this wealth…this happiness.

A student of inner alchemy must first develop himself within, so that through bitter practice and the bearing of disgrace, he may find the time to retreat into his own room.

What is useful, you cannot see; what is seen, cannot be used.

Real treasure lies in the inner vitality, and true wealth in inner energy; this is the way to accumulate power and nourish and develop yourself within. You must contain the world within, while attending to it without. The task is easy, but you keep going into the world to search for tangles and complications. Sit still and grow in happiness.  Accumulate your power within. Obscure your light and silence your steps, so that men have neither sight nor sound of you. Await the hour when your fame will travel the world and become borne upon the List of Immortals….This freedom is already yours, you should only become aware of it.