A shortcut to integrity

There are no Schools,

no teachers,

and no discipline that can teach you how to escape

from your self-created prison

but only you yourself, armed with your will and firm earnestness, can do it.

Remember, the power of dreaming cannot be taught but only revealed

– a long self-training process in the art of dreaming is needed

to face and match the unending war you carry inside.

There are people who think they are perfectly ready to abandon their old way of thinking, the all boundaries and psychological barriers that keep them prisoners of their own projections, and to approach the ideas and principles that the Dreamer has transferred in all these years, but unfortunately, many can only eat the bitter pill of their own presumption, and experience in the world of events the corresponding disasters they unconsciously produce within themselves.

Q. How can I do?
Elio. This discomfort you feel affects everyone in the room. Do you consider the worlds you are destroying with just one negative thought?

Difficult moments will come and come again.  

You have to know how to look at them and to ‘see them.’ Unless you have inner strength you will always be blackmailed from things happening on the outside. You have to learn to wait. Stay there until you regain your integrity.   A moment will come when all falls into place and it will not be your thoughts and reactions to make you happy or sad.

Every time you reach this state you will become always stronger

– stronger means closer to integrity

– to what you really are.

You can see through the lives of people who seem to have had everything that they have never really possessed anything unless they have mastered themselves. Nothing that comes from outside can ever fulfill you because you are taking the effect for the cause.

Come back to yourself

– to what you really are.

Only then can you see what you are and master your existence.

Success or satisfaction that comes from the outside is like taking something from outside – any event that happens outside has to be contained be it victory or defeat.

Q. So I can never lower my guard?

Elio. That is the natural state of man – to be whole –not scattered, disintegrated.

Happiness has to come from within. You have to be alive from within and express something that is crying to be heard – your Dream.

This moment says all that you are and always have been – if you are now in a low state you always have been. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today! If you know how to use this moment the world will recognize your success and happiness.

Do not be a victim of success. Even people who have seemingly dedicated their lives to others thinking they can ‘win’ or gain a feeling of inner satisfaction through events in the world have ended their lives in poverty – both inside and out….