Jam Session Testimonial

Jam Session    Elio and Sossio Mosca   We must create with these pages a philosophical movement that can practically address and give...

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A School of Being for Children

A School of Being for Children   “Let’s have our children ready for the new Era of Golden Creative Leisure!” In ordinary, conventional...

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Love Yourself

Be Immortal

Be Immortal Excerpt from the next book ‘No war within, no war without’ “Cells never have to die!” said the Dreamer, silencing me...

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Power of Certainty

 Power of certainty Q. How is it possible to dream of a companion who makes you suffer, or a family conflict or even...

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To be born you must inevitably die

To not die and live forever you have not to be born To not die and live forever you have not to be...

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Italian Constitution needs to be revolutionised by changing its DNA.

Constitution and right to happiness. Starting from Filangieri…   Right to Happiness We can take act of some positive American values and recognize,...

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Close to The Dreamer

Inner states and outer events are closely connected. They influence each other. You can change your state of depression, fear or worry in...

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