First Education vs Second Education

Young people leave universities without knowing

how to approach existence

All educational systems assume that something can be changed externally or insist on the mnemonic saturation of concepts and notions which, like passing fads, belong to the culture of the moment.

Young people leave universities without knowing how to approach existence. It is enough to study the lives of rich men who have succeeded to discover laws that can be transmitted, for example if there was an economic crisis in their empire, a financial crash or the fall of their organisation, this was made possible by a fall in their being, the crack had already happened within them. You fail first inwardly and then in business.

This is economics.
That is why self-observation and self-study is essential.

It is not possible to fall into a death trap like a world bankruptcy or pandemic disease if there is not a crack in the Dream first.
There is advanced technology and precision tools to always know what is going on inside yourself, self-observation and knowing how to stop in silence.

We are the obstacle to our economy, we are the obstacle to a good government, we are the obstacle to a good organisation, because we lack this look at ourselves. A marriage in crisis, a bad relationship with children, competition with friends, are invariably reflected in a leader’s work and business choices.
Having fierce enemies is a blessing and not a condemnation, a powerful enemy comes to heal a rift we have in us and to show us what is missing. The world draws our attention to that unknown part of ourselves that lives in the shadows, it teaches us to contain it. There is no need to uproot it, just observe it. It is not psychology or magic, bringing light into the darkness is the solution to the problem.

The first education we all receive is from our parents, with the descriptions of the family environment and the culture that surrounds us, then the standardised school structures provide an almost obsolete cultural baggage until the end of university. This envelope becomes a kind of shell around the individual, preventing him from having any access to himself and to the awareness of his dream.

Destroying the descriptions of the first education and allowing what I call the ‘second education’ to nurture the individual’s unique characteristics is the mission of the European School of Economics. By diminishing the role of schooling, by tempering it with a slow consumption, we can turn it into food to nourish a new generation of leaders.
We are creating a new species, it is clear that there is no longer the possibility of being employees who sell their time for a salary, the world economic scenario demands entrepreneurs who are able to create wealth, have innovative ideas and are able to own their lives, managing them themselves.