Changing the past

The past is the future seen from behind

All disciplines, knowledge, methods or techniques coming from outside are unsuitable tools and vain attempts to convey the very meaning of timelessness.

The past is the future seen from behind – a mirror reflection.

Past and future are two sides of the same coin – so by transforming the past you can change the future and viceversa. There is a special device that you can use anywhere, anytime. If you take for example anything you believe you have lived – a happening, an experience or adventure from your past, even something that you remember as a misfortune, accident or mistake and bring it to the present, in the ‘here now’ where timelessness reigns supreme, this intervention on the past brings new life to facts and events.

It’s an operation that you have to ‘visualize’ as if you were injecting on that very fact or event…

liquid Light.



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