When tremendous vicissitudes and calamities come, don’t panic!

Be still!


Be still, and for few minutes stand perfectly quiet. Move all your attention from anything happening outside or disturbing you, and watch yourself.
Building the container.
Watch yourself watching yourself
When you are frightened and helpless, fear decouples you from your body. By becoming present in your body, you restore the connection. It’ s very hard for your fear to take over when you are truly present. When you are loose and light and your body is peaceful and happy, the openings, especially in the darkness, come to you when you least expect them.
Watching yourself is the key to all solutions.
Watching yourself moves from within all your misery and agony of despair.
It lifts your Being above the storm, the wreckage and disasters that Life apparently seems to create.
Watching yourself, silently turns you into a living dynamo of incredible power, capable of transforming any trouble, disaster or challenge in a miraculous victory.