What is a Fact

Questions and Answers


Q. When you say that the world outside is only ‘apparent,’ do you mean that there is nothing like pain, suffering and war – that this is a lovely world? When they take away your job or you are full of misery and have no food for your family or when your son dies in an absurd war, you say that this is  not real?

A. Yes, this is only an imaginative ideological concept that you believe to be true — just a world of theories, a mere description of reality and not reality itself. Violence, fear, loneliness, pain, war, birth and death are just concepts generated by your memory and imagination, which are in their turn mere shadows and not facts.

Q. What are the facts?

A. What you yourself are in this precise instant is a fact. You yourself free of all fears is a fact. You yourself free of that bundle of lies which constitutes history, tradition, knowledge, religion, culture, and experience, is a fact.
The timeless you is a fact. And all that which apparently exists in time and which you believe to be external, will reduce you to dullness and impotence. Remember! Only what has been ‘done’ inside is real and can be permanent, the rest is just a short film disintegrating as it is made.