There is nothing that happens outside of “Now.”


Everything happens Now and…..’for the first time.’

You yourself are happening ‘for the first time’ right Now with all your personal history and destiny – people and events -your past and future – memories and expectations – fears and desires.

The closer you are to ‘Now’, the clearer your understanding – the closer you are to your being, the more powerful your creativity and the capacity of ‘doing’.

Q. For what you say then, I could cancel all kinds of problems, difficulties, faults and debts ‘right now’ if I only wished?

Elio. Yes.

Q. Why doesn’ t it happen then?

Elio. Because you yourself don’ t want it to happen. You are a time-worshipper, and as such, you believe that only ‘time’ can change things. For you, ‘time’ is God.

Try to understand….. What is really happening Now is unique – original – absolute – it has never happened before and will never happen after. All kinds of things that you are witnessing Now are the simultaneous effect of your infinite creativity that happens just once….. forever.