The world out there


Is only a ‘Virtual’ reproduction of your inner being


Understand this and apply it to your life and you will be free!

You have to realize that the world with all its apparent contrasts and cruelty is only a virtual reproduction of your inner conflict and war.

In other words, outside yourself there is nothing and no one suffering but only your own self harmfulness, sorrow and violence that take form on the set of a “horror picture show.”

Suffering can be useful only if it is conscious suffering.

Conscious suffering puts an end to all sufferings. Conscious suffering makes you realize that you are the sole responsible for all the troubles and difficulties that world lives and suffers, and at the same time, the only one who can liberate it from all evils and misery.

Remember! The world is as you dream it,
and you and only you can make this world perfect by being perfect yourself.