The Universe…

Is just a guessed, blind measurement of your inner infinity


The external is just a limited description of what you carry inside.

The mountain is the limited form of the infinite height that you are within.

The ocean – the infinite depth within.

The others represent the limitless fragmentation of a forgotten integrity.


The more fragmented you are, the more you need to find yourself in crowdy stadium, arenas, accidents, persecutions, terror-attacks calamities and crime. Externally you are not seeing reality as it is but just a description of it.


Fear – a pale description of fearlessness.
Doubt – a far, distorted representation of certainty.
Time – the unsuccessful task of giving visibility to timelessness.
The world of events – the limited attempt to express your inner limitlessness and perfection.
What you call universe is just a guessed, blind measurement of your inner infinity, eternal being, immortal body…..