Q. How do we apply such vision in a world of human fear, uncertainty and evil? How do we apply such theory to Nations politically corrupted, States and countries up for a long time in international conflicts? How do we apply such view to a world where warfare and terror persist? Is it possible to adopt and apply a moral approach in an immoral world, a spiritual consciousness to a material, practical world?

Elio. As long as a man is governed by outer events and circumstances he will never be able to see where all the violence and injustice in the world is coming from. Violence always breeds violence. Violence destroys in man any possibility to change. War, injustice, violence and all evil in the world will come to an end when you realize that all comes from within. That means that only you yourself through an inner transformation and understanding can put an end to this collective self-hypnotism and madness.

Remember! All evils and boundaries are the apparent effect of an imaginary division between yourself and the world. Master yourself and you will liberate the world from all evils.