Loneliness is the price

And solitude….. the prize.

Loneliness and solitude

We search for other people to fill our lonliness, without understanding that solitude is the reason and the principle source of our richness.

Spend more time being in your own company, free from any kind of conditioning, do it intentionally if you wish to achieve a life rich in all senses.  The multiplicity of events, circumstances, facts, insignificant experiences, the others, in our lives match our incapability of living in solitude.   The more we live in solitude the more events disappear, to make space for those more intense and more real.

Solitude is the correct price to pay for a happy destiny and financial wealth

Creative solitude means to have self-control, it means to possess an inner world.  In not comprehending this, people do everything the can to escape the moment when they can get closer to themselves, the moment of creative solitude, and they fill their lives with commitments, and multiply meetings and events.

Live beautiful moments in a conscious, intentional, creative solitude, if you do not want to live bad moments in a forced loneliness.

Loneliness and Solitude are the two faces of the same reality.

Solitude is the lone star that guides you through life.

Loneliness is the lone star that points the way to degradation and death.

The leader is alone.  His decisions always go against common opinion and the convictions of others.