How do you recognize the Dreamer?

In His presence: the impossible becomes possible

Not by his words, which anyone could have read, spoken and preached without even understanding the meaning. It is his behaviour that is so changeable, so unpredictable that anyone who wanted to imitate him would fall into ridicule before, and in trouble afterwards. But it’s what happens next that is inexplicable to him: history, memory, politics governments, religions … Everything is transformed and projected into another world, a wonderful game that has nothing of obscure, of threatening. Wars, poverty, disease and death become mere descriptions and vanish in His presence: the impossible becomes possible, the miracle at hand, immortality and dwells in every Instant every breath, Victory is a permanent state.

A Dreamer gave you artificial wings, ideas and principles of a School of Being for the sole purpose of making you live the conditions of freedom of a man of integrity for a few moments.

Watch out! These wings are only temporary, a flight test, a preparation tool.

Whoever thinks of taking possession of them and using them to his advantage or interest, will in a short time be confused, dejected, at the mercy of his own fears and like Icarus he will fall into the abyss of his own arrogance.