Integrity in action

Is your mission and purpose

Rebuild your own compromised Integrity

The solution to any problem is not in casting blame or finding fault on others, but rather in redeeming and rebuilding your own compromised Integrity. Integrity is a state of Being and as such you only have the capacity to know how it has been compromised or lost or forgotten. Fear, for example, disconnects you from the source of your own vitality.
Integrity means a sense of certainty, coherence, wholeness, fearlessness and aliveness.

Integrity is a physical experience – you can feel it in your flesh, in your joints, in your breath and in your heart. Integrity has powerful applications in the realm of action. When the dikes give way and the floods come and the barbarian hordes and attacks rain down from every corner of the world, it means that the Mandate of Heaven given to the Ruler and his people has been lost, and only the power of Integrity can reverse the catastrophy. Companies and enterprises guided by Integrity are those that are successful, well-run, profitable, everlasting and happy. A man of Integrity is a force of nature – in the physical realm, he has always another ocean to cross or some other mountain to climb, and is never out of the game.