Highlights of new ideological directions

in the coming years

From the survival economics to the economics of Immortality.

Some of the fastest-growing areas in economics in the years ahead are technologies and resources that directly or indirectly aim at the indefinite extension of human Life.

Some of these technologies are already multibillion-dollar industries. From an anachronistic, obsolete, false democracy of left and right, conservative and liberal, to a real democracy where the single citizen votes not for parties or leaders, but directly on issues.

Self-government is not only democratic, but it is also a more rapid, efficient, honest, depoliticized way of making decisions.

The new humanity is moving upwardly. We are now at an epochal technological transition. Suddenly the old industrial technology is falling apart and the industrial communities of Europe and U.S. are suffering the full brunt of this breakdown: mail is too slow, trains and subways are rundown and undependable.

Electric power systems fail; big cities have become giant ghettoes, ugly, dirty, overcrowded. This is the collapse of an old decrepit nineteenth-century no longer suited to the needs, expectations and rhythms of the late twentieth century.