Here and Now

Now is omnipresent




Q.: How can we believe in something like the fleeting Now, which lasts not even an instant?

A.: That which is limitless can be neither contained nor governed by time. The Now is omnipresent.


Q.: If no law of karma, punishment or injustice exist in Life, why, then, does one child born deformed and another perfect? Why does the destiny of one man lead to joy and success and another to failure and destruction? Why does one race live in peace and prosperity and another suffer continual prejudice and persecution?

A.: Because of you. When you will stop believing in Time as something real, these abyssal distances and paradoxical contradictions, that you see in the world, will cease to exist.
Look at things from within and you will realize that there is nobody suffering but you! You are the only sufferer!
The apparent law of cause and effect is just a way of thinking. In reality, all is Here and Now and all is One.


Q.: What is the use of knowing that all is Here and Now and all is One?
A.: If you realize this in your body, nothing will ever be impossible to you!