Heaven on Earth

Terrorism is a state of being

Your own belief in death is the very source of every form of terrorism and crime.

Terrorism will end when you cease to harm yourself inside.

Terrorism is a state of being. That means it exists only in your heart.

Death is an optional, and terrorism a macabre excuse for killing yourself.

Physical death is the result of a self-created terrorism.


To prevent it in the world you yourself have to change – you have to overhaul and turn upside down your suicidal belief system – your inner habit of dying. You have to free yourself from the terror you carry inside if you want to prevent any violence in the world.

Remember! You and the world are not separate realities, but one and the same. The world is as it is because you are as you are. Stop suffering! Stop dying! And you will experience heaven on earth.

Syria – terrorism – Sept. 2015