From where you are

to where you want to be


A trip beyond boundaries, from Florence to Singapore . An ambitious project of 2 Bachelor students in which their dreams become a reality.

In solitude, a true leader finds solutions, decides things and overcomes impossible issues, in silence he wins battles and conflicts, and in stillness he climbs mountains and crosses oceans.  His team is just an expression of his inner responsibility and it is as faithful and intelligent as his own commitment to the dream.  He never asks for anything because he knows that no  help can come from outside.  He knows that within himself he’s got all the capacity and power to attract all the resources he needs.  He knows that the only tool necessary for his success is his own inner integrity.”

Michele and Cesare, 2 BSc graduates from ESE Florence, form the From Florence to Singapore Overland team. Photo: in Kyrgyzstan.