Do not react

Don’t be reactive! Try to be silent within


Your reaction is the real cause of all that you are reacting to. Your reaction to the world denounces lack of will and integrity and this places you at the lowest level on the scale of responsibility. During the day, for few minutes, try to be silent within and totally passive to external events and see what happens.To be passive is a very difficult task, it requires great discipline,enormous efforts,energy,attention, love and understanding.

Q. What should we do when the world outside gets tough or threatening?

Elio. Let’ s start with what you shouldn’ t do:

You must not react – not react as you always do to everything. If you find the strength to not react to the outer circumstances, you will no longer be at the mercy of life.

So, do not identify with the difficulties and unhappiness of the outer world.

Isolate yourself internally from life and don’ t let its events crush you. No one and nothing can hurt you or even touch you if you neither identify nor react to the external events.

Non-identifying means not getting lost or drowned in your own image

reflected in the troubled waters of the world.