Between Nothingness and Eternity…

The visible world of forms is just an allegory – a symbolism of invisibility, a mediator of the formlessness, a pure metaphor of your Being. 

It is through form that the abstract, the invisible expresses itself and becomes meaningful.

Be constantly vigilant and tirelessly alert, because slipping away from the present moment even for a second may be fatal.

The reason why many love to practice extreme sports or dangerous activities such as crossing oceans or climbing mountains or running marathons is because it forces them to live in the present. But  these experiences, depending on external efforts, will never lead them into a real state of timelessness, of freedom.

No one can set you free but yourself.

Try to touch the most painful sensation within yourself to realize that all sufferings are unnecessary and that only intentional suffering, that is suffering without suffering, can reveal all the beauty and goodness of your very nature.