An invitation to Wellness

Health is Wealth

An Invitation to Wellness

There is an important project called Health is Wealth, inspired by Elio D’Anna’s words. 

“The healthier your ideas the wealthier your life and the world around you”

This effort, initiated by the European School of Economics, will result in a broader and deeper understanding of the connection between individual well-being and success and the health and prosperity of business and the economy. The goal is to see that the awareness of the importance of personal fitness become an integral part of any program offered in not only educational institutions, but community groups, companies and businesses as well, and to offer these opportunities to as many young people as possible.

The initial aim is to encourage individuals to explore their full capacity for health and the purpose of this exploration is to help each person achieve a robust state of health.  Re-evaluate your capacity for health and take some simple steps toward realizing your own wellness capacity. Equally important is to engage up-and-coming business entrepreneurs and future leaders to make use of this capacity to empower a health revolution aimed at strengthening their workers’ ability to achieve optimal wellness for themselves and higher level of work satisfaction and productivity for their business enterprises.

Think about what health means to you, what the greatest threat to your health is, and what you can do about it!!!

You will consider the financial and economic issues related to individual and workplace illness and disability and learn how to integrate nutritional information, physical fitness, stress management, environmental sensitivity and self-responsibility.

Explore strategies for shaping a personal and work environment to reduce fatigue, lower stress, and heighten well-being and efficiency.

As future business leaders you will learn how to structure business and corporate approaches to health promotion and wellness.