A blueprint of Immortality

Don’t be afraid of fear

fear dies when you are aware of it,

and leaves space to the natural state of Deathlessness…


There is a blueprint of immortality in your body which you have to keep alive and active all the time.

Human beings have always believed that they were impotent and helpless on this earth, and that they needed a higher power to face the challenge of life, but they didn’ t know what that source really was.

They always rejected the body, and searched elsewhere for the answer.

They climbed mountains, crossed oceans, exposed themselves to all kind of risk and danger, went to east and met gurus and teachers with the sublime aim of knowing about the secret of eternal life……

And the answer was always the same:  Stop dying! 

Every instant you compromise with the external, you die a little.  So free yourself from all the ties that bind you, and get rid of the idea that death is invincible.  You have to realize that physical immortality is the true state and that death is a lie – that the body is indestructible and made to live forever.”