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Visibilia ex Invisibilibus

VISIBILIA EX INVISIBILIBUS Visibilia ex Invisibilibus The visible comes from the invisible, just as sound comes from silence and movement from stillness.  ...

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The Music of Life

The world is all in your head Speech Elio D’Anna, the world is all in your head Look through a day. Take it...

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Suspend Yourself…

From the Dreamer’s Voice Suspend yourself, stop intentionally Suspend yourself, stop intentionally… Several times a day. We do not do it because we...

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The School for Gods

The School for Gods and European School of Economics The School for Gods I’ve dreamed of an Individual Revolution Capable of overturning the...

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Stop planning! Stop believing!

The true plan is not in time but in absence of time, that is, in this very moment – “here and now” Every...

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Do not desire, deserve!

Do not desire, deserve! Do not desire – deserve. Be in the condition to have what it is you want. Time serves the...

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