The Technology of the Dreamer


The non-teaching of the Dreamer

Any attempt to give a form to or describe the Dreamer, trying to rationalize His behavior, to understand His psychology, to then include it among the philosophical currents of the past or describe it as eclectic shamanism, is useless and in vain.

A Visionary Being, a Man of Integrity, embodies within himself something subversive, unexpected, and impossible to grasp: something that violates the ordinary course of things. He is free from any sort of role, description, influence or constraint, both within and without. He walks among ordinary people, He mingles with the crowd, carrying out His activities, completely sealed in His integrity, staying invisible to those who, having not yet abandoned their personal history, feel not the need for a commitment to reach a higher level of understanding.

In this moment He is here, in front of you, and yet you cannot see Him.

He appears and disappears at Will, taking on any role in the world of events that He is required to play and acting it out perfectly. Acting perfectly any role and character the events and circumstances demand.

The Dreamer uses the games of Life to raise your intelligence and aliveness. He uses religions, politics, T.V and movies, educational systems, communication and media and all kinds of business and trade. The Dreamer uses all human and natural disasters and whatever you think coming from the world outside, for the purpose of awakening you. And to show you that you, yourself, are the source of all things.
This is the secret of all secrets. The Dreamer guides you into the depths of your mechanicalness to bring you face to face with your doubts, fears, complaints, and anxieties. It is a journey into all that which is unpleasant, a journey to abandon your dearest possession – something that you love more than your life, and which is the very cause of your every failure: your own suffering.
The Dreamer remains invisible to your eyes because of what you have made visible to yourself. Only those who have the courage to leave behind their mediocrity, their meaningless life may one day meet the Dreamer. However, only those who are prepared will be able to recognize the incomprehensible. Only those who have a real Dream can access the inaccessible…Only those who have eyes to see, can see the Dreamer and know that He is the real Doer.

It is time to ignore all teachings, ideologies, disciplines, all books, all ideas, both your own and those of others, all spoken or written words, and finally plunge into the depths of your being to find your own uniqueness and power.

Don’t dare to put the Dreamer into your senseless line-up of gurus and masters, or compare His “non-teaching” to that formless mass of esotericism, spirituality, religion and philosophies. Not only will you fail, but you will enter into such a confusion that you will lose even those few certainties that barely kept you alive.

Religion cannot be confused with the non-teaching of the Dreamer. His sole purpose is to raise the intelligence and aliveness of those around Him albeit, on more than one occasion, against their very will and beyond their understanding.

The Dreamer brought you a very powerful technology, the first true revolution since Copernicus and Galileo: “The world is your creature that you create in this very instant, in the absence of time.”

This principle alone, if applied, is able to end all misery and suffering.

In a world where all revolutions have failed and the many attempts to change the violent and reactive nature of man have revealed to be useless, this new vision presents itself as the only way to transform events and circumstances, past and future, history and destiny at will.


The Technology of the Dreamer

Release Date : March 9, 2016
Artist : Elio D'Anna

Available in English
Available in ebook and paperbook