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There is something you can not find anywhere in the world…

Yet there is a “place” where you can find it ​The place is not too far from you. It is exactly within you....

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The United States of Europe…

… and the Inner States of Man   Q. How should we react to all the wars and to all the sufferings and...

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The Inner Creative Economy

“The slightest change in your being moves mountains and projects yourself as a giant in the world of events.” the Inner creative economy...

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A School of Being for Children

“Let’s have our children ready for the new Era of Golden Creative Leisure!” In ordinary, conventional schools children learn reading, writing, maths, history,...

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Do You Have Anything Original?

Do you have anything of your own to show – to bring forth? You have to dig deep within yourself – there is...

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Freedom From Any Addiction

… needs and desire included Real victory on food is to be free from the need to eat food rather than to never...

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