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Love Your Body

The first step to physical Immortality is to love your body… and to give up the dreary idea of harming or killing it....

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Summary of Elio’s Speech in Milan ESE Centre

Summary of Elio’s speech in Milan ESE Center – March the 29th 2019 Feel immense gratitude for any attack or misfortune apparently coming...

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Integrity Has No Space For Death

Those who perceive the real world cannot see the world of death If you believe that integrity is the prize for having endured...

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close to the dreamer

Close to the Dreamer

Is not an easy task Close to the Dreamer, your vanity and presumption would be constantly attacked and beaten to death until you...

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Permanent Victory V

Permanent Victory, Be in a winning state, reality will follow Elio in Paris Permanent Victory, Act in a winning manner when the evidence...

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