Life has to become your teacher

You have to work in the midst of life, surrounded by all the misfortunes and difficulties of life, and eventually life has to become your teacher…

That means, you have to practise non-identifying in the midst of the happenings of life; you have to practise self-awareness and double attention in the midst of all the activities and affairs; and you have to observe and separate yourself from your negative emotions in the midst of all hurts and fights in daily life.

Ask yourself in what sides of life you still are very undeveloped, and here I simply mean ordinary external life.

Would you be able to take charge of an army suddenly?

Would you be able to run a hotel?

Would you be able to talk effectively to the Prime Minister?

Could you produce a play or write a book or sail a ship or give an important gala and raise funds for a Charity Foundation and know what to do?

Could you give a good criticism of a book, of a painting, concert or a movie ?

Could you maintain yourself in conversation amongst ordinary educated people?

This means the attainment of a quite wonderful all-sidedness so that, although you have never talked to a very important authority like the Pope, the Queen or the Prime Minister, when the moment comes you can do it from your inner development, strength and understanding.