Timelessness is a state of certainty…it means to feel safe

Elio D’Anna meet the students of Yeditepe University

secure…sealed in a state of integrity – a state of compactness, of oneness
into which the world can not penetrate. When you are in this state the
world is at your service. You’ll discover that sleep is an enemy to this
integrity. Every hour of sleep is taking time away from the Work that is
the elimination of useless emotions, doubts and fear – a state of
fearlessness…don’t be afraid of anything anymore. Until now your world has
been governed by your fear and is scared to death. It suffers from your
incompleteness, your superficiality. In this state the universe spreads
itself out before you and rejoices.
Sleep less, Dream more. Eat less – it’s important. It’s part of enlarging
your vision, raising your level of being, deepening your breath. Ordinary
man, as you can imagine, is far from all this. Inside he is in chaos—We
have to establish order inside …and govern – not be governed…as it has
been until now, by negative emotions.
Ruled by the emotions and negative imagination with which it identifies
itself, humanity is lost in a sea of shadows. One day you’ll feel the
beauty of this work and you’ll look for time to be by yourself just to
unbury this power that is inside you wanting to manifest. Reach a state of
self-fulfillment and seal it off to the world and time – without letting
even a single atom of negativity penetrate.
These are the moments when the whole world is adjusted.
Fearlessness … fortitude … purity… beauty…It’s something that goes
beyond happiness. Happiness doesn’t have this power . These are the
moments of real doing – Ordinary business with banks, lawyers,
correspondence- is superficial activity that should be played like a game.
Timelessness is the real Work- When we are in this state, not only are we
victorious, but everyone is. When we loose this wholeness, like in the
story of the lost sheep, you are the one who is lost, and with us the whole
world. Freedom, certainty, security, are all state that free you from
sickness and conflicts and permit the world to free itself – to get up and
Through our Work, our lawyers, our accountants are being transformed into
poets and writers. The world is becoming sublime.
Don’t justify, don’t accuse, and don’t wear grimaces of pain. Don’t depend.
The world is your creation to which you can only give. We can only be
proactive…and give with expecting anything. A man who is whole knows that
the world can give him nothing.
Enjoy now – in this very instant – rejoice for all that you have and for all
that you dream that will come. Enter into the Kingdom of God that is only
in this instant…Everything will then be added…

(“But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness then all these
things will be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33)