Economics to come

ESE Mission

What should be the characteristics of tomorrow’s leaders?

Q. Can you mention a name from the real world who can be considered as a good leader? (from political and business life)

A. “There are many leaders today who have conquered this inner integrity and guide at a distance all of humanity. It is difficult to single out just one as often they choose to occupy positions that allow them to work from behind the scenes. These men remain invisible, because they know that a country is not guided by going onto the field and debating – but in stillness, secretly and silently, they change the world. The slightest change in your being moves mountains in the world of events.

In politics as in economics, leaders of the future will be driven by infinite, eternal principles.   This is the economics to come.   Industries and corporate enterprises should teach the Art of Dreaming – the principles of self-improvement and inner integrity to enable their people, managers and employees, to grow and become advanced beings. The world of business has to realize that real, financial expansion comes out of quality, and declines rapidly when quality is missing.

At the time of a great financial crisis many bankers, businessmen and stockbrokers ‘crash’ also because they totally identify with the failing economy.

In what should be a marvelous game of creativity and intuition, they instead are hypnotized to the point that they no longer realize to be the players and not the pawns, the observers and not the observed, the dreamers and not the dreamed. They depend upon external conditions to plan their strategies, and rely upon budgets, reports and financial forecasts to unconsciously build nothing more than a house of cards.

One day all organizations, from the smallest businesses to the huge multinationals will have at their helm a philosopher of action, a pragmatic dreamer, a luminous visionary who has taken care of his own integrity, who knows how to believe in the impossible and make it concrete.

Q. I really adored your book “The School for Gods”. How do you explain the popularity of your book all over the world?

A. I believe the main reason the Book has been so popular worldwide, is because everyone can identify with the protagonists and everyone would love to meet the Dreamer. The integrity of the Dreamer is something that lies hidden and forgotten or buried in the innermost recesses of every being, but very few have the courage to touch that part of themselves – to touch what is really able to change the world.

My next Book, “The Technology of the Dreamer,” due for release this Fall, aims to outline very simply in a much more synthetic manner the formula for touching this part of oneself – for Dreaming, and begins with this phrase:

“You came here to learn how to dream a new dream.  It is a revolution that will turn upside down your old, narrow vision with its dreary projections which you have nurtured for so many years.  Wars, disease, misery and death will disappear from this planet if you understand that all comes from within and that all can be changed through a new dream – a powerful movement that will give birth to a brand new reality.”

The Dreamer