The Antagonist

From The School for Gods

The moment you dream a new dream you are creating also the antagonist that will help you to realize it – an antagonist of equal strength that can make the path towards its realization visible and possible…

When this occurs, when the Antagonist appears how difficult and how courageous you must be to not cry out for help, how much faith in oneself and how much certainty to put one foot in the abyss and know that the entire universe will sustain you!   Try to observe when you are at the mercy of your emotions and how easily you can be devastated, depressed or angered by its actions.

You have to create in yourself enough trust and safety to fully experience the world and its apparent evil and injustice instead of being paralyzed by it… falling into it.

Remember! The Antagonist, the enemy, is a special propellant. The greater our degree of responsibility, the more ruthless the Antagonist’s attack.  The Antagonist’s one and only aim, concealed by his mercilessness, is your victory.

No one on earth can love you more than the Antagonist. No one can meet an Antagonist greater than himself, or superior to his own intelligence and ability.

However horrible, menacing or unbeatable it may appear, the confrontation with the Antagonist is always a fair fight and the forces in play are always equivalent.

Only in the absence of time does the Antagonist disappear and with him every conflict. But how could you live without the Antagonist?

The Antagonist gives you a role, a job and even a name, a family, a purpose in life… Behind his apparent ruthlessness hides your greatest ally, your most faithful servant. The Antagonist’s sole and unique aim is your victory…

You have made great efforts to climb the mountain of your apparent difficulties to overcome the Antagonist only to find that he never really existed if not within you.

Your intelligence will grow with his power. Your power with his intelligence. Because the Antagonist is you!

The more tangible or visible is the antagonist, the more imaginary it is. Any fight or war or enemy can only exist in your imagination. It’ s your inner conflict, which is itself unreal, that projects a world of nonsense, a world of shadows that you believe to be real.