From the Dreamer’s Voice

Suspend yourself, stop intentionally

Suspend yourself, stop intentionally… Several times a day. We do not do it because we do not understand how important it is… we do not consider it important… we do not give importance to ourselves… We believe too much in the external reality, which is not reality but a projection of the being, and we make it our God.

This is not spirituality, it is doing. Real doing… It is success, victory over the most terrible enemy of man: the description of death, self-hypnotism.

Stopping, taking time to be with yourself, especially in the midst of chaos, when we are busy and stopping is impossible… Solutions come from above and not in time. Those who hope, who are waiting for external solutions, have already been defeated… Desire, hope, expectations are time. In the dream there is no time… When you understand how important the instant is you can achieve the impossible. But how can you live the moment? In that area where time and space do not exist?

It is interesting to observe what we all know… To find out that everyone we meet has always known it, it is not separate from us… It takes a moment to know everything about that person, to understand them, to step on them and go beyond. Seeing life this way is extraordinary. If we go at this speed, the world does not have time to attack us. However, when the world, the others, appear us to be a reality outside of ourselves, we become a by-product. We are crushed by the force of gravity, which is death itself, and indulge in false wellbeing. Then the outside devours us, the world attacks us because we have become slow. It is in stillness that we are fast. It is when we stop that we sort out the world, give it a direction.

What happens when we stop? Instead of using the power of immobility to fight the darkest part of us, everything outside that controls us, we enter into a fog made of thoughts, become anxiety, or we fall asleep. Many stop by trying the path of meditation, but this is also sleeping.

Being still here means being in a state of self-observation. Self-observation implies a distance, knowing yourself, and finding out what we are not, it is time. Only in the instant is there can you find all security and all healing … just the moment is real time.

All holy books speak of the moment … The biblical exodus tells us about the unsustainable purity of the moment and the creation of idols to lower and slow down this vertical process … In the moment, when there is no distance between having and being, at that timeless time, nothing is impossible … only in the absence of desire everything is given to us.

Find time to stop, not only in the evening … and you will see how you can be fast. For those who have decided to abandon, to forget, to become dominated by time, there is no way to intervene. Here we are committed to speed… we are fast… we never stop. When you believe in the world you are slow, when you meet a higher speed, you can either accelerate and get in line with them or give up and lose the opportunity, degrading and becoming the world’s food, a fertilizer.

You are here for one reason only: to win death. Nothing else matters. The long agony you call reality, stops existing here.

Stay still, in silence. A family, a group of friends, never does it. The silence embarrasses them … Get used to being with yourself. It is so important … When we spend hours at the computer, we are not with ourselves. The computer is on and we are off …. We do not know how much wealth there is in silence, in being with yourself. The external reality captures us and at 70 years of age we are still submerged in time, planning, without even dreaming that one day we could be free men, and not robots, machines programmed to work and live in unaware of their own condition with a mask stuck on their face, identified by their roles, ageing, getting ill and dying.

Even the great, considered great by small men, had small feelings. If you could see them with the eyes of the Dreamer you would see how small they are.

We should devote all our time to getting out of the production line, un-programming ourselves, de-hypnotizing ourselves, and use external work to protect and keep the real work hidden. We cannot do this in time. In time nothing happens. Promising to do it tomorrow or in a year’s time is another way of tricking ourselves. Time is an indulgent invention. Now is the only time for escaping…. To live in the Now you must realize that there has never been a moment before and there will never be an instant after Now. The past and the future are a lie.

In time there is only dissatisfaction, even if life gives you everything you desire. The precious substance is only in this moment, in the Now. The true cause of everything that happens outside of us must be found inside us. We have to touch it, or we will always find ourselves fighting against problems and difficulties. The external reality has nothing to reveal to us … Everything there is to discover is inside, in the silence, in the stillness. Wellbeing, luck, happiness can only be produced by a dreamy, timeless state. Freedom cannot be achieved tomorrow or in a hundred years. Only by listening to myself inside cam I know if I am free or in prison. Whoever knows that they are in prison are already free. If I realise my stupidity, I am intelligent. If I know that I do not know, I know everything. If you are able to listen to your inner monologue, then you are already better, you have entered into a state of superior intelligence. The birth of the observer, of the witness within ourselves, is a revolution. It makes us give up old equilibriums, old fences, and places us in a dangerous state that we do not like. We prefer the apathy, the confusion, that allows us to forget, not to see.

The outside keeps us occupied, entertains us with work, with sex, with food … and when all this leads us we become mechanical beings, machines. We continually request that the world keep us occupied, put us to work, breathless. Anything just to ward off any chance of being alone with myself … Be and you will be. Be now what you want to be. If you are not rich, if you are not happy now, then you can never be. Thought is not able to understand this absence of time.

When I say: only you are real! I am not asking you to give up the world, but to be aware of the game. Understand that you are the creator, the author, and not a prisoner, a by-product of the world. The world, as an underlying reality, wants to be governed. God wants to be governed. It awaits your orders to obey you. It is there to follow your will, even when it is involuntary, unconscious. The world is the perfect creation of your states, it models your being, in this precise instant, not an atom more, not an atom less. Apply my words to your life. The road that I am showing you, the ability to observe yourself and be aware, to be alive, to contain and to not be victims of the world, makes us successful. Makes us sell the Rodin statue, makes us invest $200,000 in two days and win. A state of detachment from an event, the transformation of a reaction, changes the world. But it cannot be imposed on you. If must come from all of you. One single conscious movement makes the steadiness, the repetition, explode, it destroys an entire banal life. But this can only happen when you are disappointed with an ignorant life, tired of your impotence… When you are ready to give up all the old stuff… In this instant, I look inside… And I know.