Second Education

….A horizontal future?


We are not saying that all that has been taught to us must be rejected. If a man is satisfied with his life he just needs to make sure not to change anything, not even a small mind-set or attitude and he must make sure that in his existence, nothing goes beyond the apparent, superficial changes, so that everything remains static, repetitive and recurring.

In these cases, which concern almost all humanity, it doesn’t even make sense to talk about the future, but only of a fake future, a horizontal future.

The material of the past existence gathered on the shoulders is tossed ahead as if it were the future. The events of our existence, disguised in a makeshift manner, with a fake beard, fake nose and enormous eyeglasses, like in a gag in the old days, show up again and mislead us, selling themselves as the future.

Briefly, what has been given to us, who we are and the things we know, are perfect to remain where we are but they are unbearable ballast if we wish to go beyond.

A man who wishes to give an evolutionary turning point to his existence will soon discover that not even a speck of his old life can follow him during the next transition. He must pick up what he understood, heard, thought, perceived, believed, loved and hated everything he was attracted by or that he disliked, that interested him or that he neglected, and abandons it or turns it in the new direction.