Power of Certainty

The interview

Questions and Answers

Q. How is it possible to dream of a companion who makes you suffer, or a family conflict or even sibling rivalry?

And above all, how can you accept that you are both the producer and director of this horror movie that you call life?

A. Christianity has gold-plated Jesus’ words, promising an imaginary paradise to come to ‘the good’ and eternal punishment for the so-called sinners, and earthly life is described as the wrong side of an embroidery whose beauty can only be admired once you are gone… Cradled by these words you unconsciously condemn yourself to a preordained destiny, you are in a valley of tears in which suffering is right – indeed, the more you suffer, the greater will be your reward.

But you’ve forgotten about the Individual Revolution!

The strength of the message that the Dreamer has revealed is in this: If you really want to make a paradise on earth and a masterpiece of your life, there is no other way. Now, immediately, take responsibility for every event that happens.

This ‘mea culpa’ is the  power to emerge from those events. It is the simultaneous remembrance of your ability to dream, and it is the possibility to dream thousands of different dreams.


Q. But if the dream has this ability to create the world, to transform everything and anything, why can’t I change a single atom in the way that I would like?

A. Be more honest, more honest with yourself and understand that behind the apparent willingness to change your life, there is a greater determination to want to perpetuate it as it is. The world is such because you are such.

There isn’t an objective world, established, the same for everyone. The world is as you dream it and even the one that appears negative, destructive to you, is just the reflection of a conflicting dream.


Q. And to change things that don’t work?

A. Change the Dream, and reality will follow. It is impossible to get out of ruts of repetition and recurrence if you do not change the Dream.

Turn your attention towards the Dreamer in you and every limit, calamity and sufferance will disappear forever from your world

You have to abandon your destructive way of dreaming. You have to dream a new dream. You have to learn a new way of dreaming where the power of will commands, where the power of love creates, where the power of certainty wins.